Little Red Balloon

red balloonAs soon as my daughter knew she was pregnant I knew she would be having a boy. Even as a child she elected for a boy Cabbage Patch doll. She babysat and did a stint as a nanny; all for baby boys. Her first car was named “Jimmy”. There was just no other way. She had to have a boy. So when the results came back that her growing baby bump actually was a boy, we all nodded our heads. It had to be. All the while I began knitting, blue, only blue. I was honored to be there days after the little prince was born which was tricky since she lives in Paris with her husband. I couldn’t have been there two days, cooing over her tiny bundle of joy, when I sought out my favorite yarn, Phildar. Something happened in the intervening years between my own babies and this new generation. Phildar is no longer available in the US. Of course I stocked up in my daughter’s favorite red and blue, with several grays and whites for good measure. All in fingering Super Baby, a soft baby blend of wool and acrylic.

I’m sure most knitters will agree that yarn is like paint to an artist. Just gathering it is inspiration. With old Phildar patterns (thankfully in English) I went to work on The Red Balloon Sweater. Buttons are very important to me so I searched for little red balloon shoulder buttons in this easy envelope pullover. Nothing anywhere. Eventually I found them online but something was missing. This sweater needed bloomers. Another month later the Red Balloon outfit was complete. Which was good since the baby was growing fast. All it takes is a red balloon and a little boy to have an adventure.

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2 Responses to Little Red Balloon

  1. Marion says:

    This is utterly cute ! I do not know if the design is based on the French movie by Albert Lamorisse “le ballon rouge” but your jumper remind me of it ! I had the book from the movie when I was a kid.


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