A Well Loved Pattern

baby sweater and capSince before I can remember I have been knitting a certain “Bring the Baby Home” from the hospital sweater. The first ones I made were for some of my own children but even after 30 years I still use this pattern for friend’s babies and grandbabies that make their precious way into this world. It was first published in a McCall’s Knitting Magazine in the 1980’s but I’m sure this pattern is much more “vintage” than that. It knits up in days on size 3 US needles in one piece and makes a beautiful keepsake for new parents. My much loved copy of the magazine is nearly all in pieces but I have painstakingly copied every one of the patterns on word documents on my computer, complete with photo screenshot of each project. Most of the patterns are from the Phildar company which is no longer available in the US directly. The beautiful patterns they now publish are all in French and even with 8 years in school studying the language, they are difficult to follow to say the least. So my tattered but much loved magazine serves me well with every baby. This little confection is called the Lace and Ripple Set and even has booties (which I skip, they never stay on) and a blanket. 

baby sweaterbaby sweater and cap


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