One skein of yarn


You know how it is, you’re totally addicted to yarn too, right?  The color mesmerizes, the richness and texture seduces and before you know how you got there, you’re carrying that bag of lovely yarn home. Such is addiction. I found this yarn while running into a craft store for emergency needles. I needed a shorter circular needle for a project while traveling and the vibrant pile of little puddles of yarn caught my eye. But I don’t buy yarn in a craft store! Eye roll. The deep purple was calling to me, begging me to knit it into a hat, or something. I bought one skein. Who buys only one skein with no plan?

Once home I proceeded to finish my other project but every day that little skein of yarn and I looked at each other and gave a small sigh. One day I couldn’t stand it anymore and began searching for the perfect hat pattern. What I found was completely delightful. A mock cable design called St John’s Wort that shows off the depth of this royal purple and yet gives it dimension.  The entire hat only took a few hours, knitted in the round, but it needed something to set it off. I searched Ravelry and found this wonderful flower which was knitted up as individual petals. A few beads from my craft supplies and Voila!  The hat was given as ia gift and the little single skein lived happily ever after.

knit hat
knitted flower hat


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One Response to One skein of yarn

  1. Laura says:

    It is always a challenge to know what to do with just one skein. I like this hat 🙂

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