Pond Sailing in Paris

paris  park
So this is how it all started. Years ago I visited Paris and my husband and I trekked over to Jardin du Luxemborg as one of the attractions to see when in Paris. Besides the gorgeous garden flower beds brim-full of yellow tulips and larger than life statues that stood guard over the rim; sunken in the center of this enchanting park was a pond. Not just any pond. A toy sailboat pond. Little children with push sticks were leaning over the edge of the circular surface to guide their boats along. The idea was to set your sails and push your wooden child sized boat out into the tiny lake to catch a breeze. They would then run sceaming to the other side of the water to turn their boat before anyone else could get there first. I was in love. All I wanted to do, the minute my daughter’s baby boy was born was go back to that garden, stick and boat in hand with him. Alas he is barely one year old so I will have to wait. But with my last visit for his birthday I knitted his sailboat sweater in hopes to impart some nautical inclinations. The pattern wasn’t easy to find for fingering yarn so I improvised with a few patterns and added the sailboat relief pattern myself.

We even took him in his stroller over to see the park but we were one day too early for the season’s grand boat opening of the pond. The brightly colored little boat renters  stand hadn’t even set up shop yet. Our little tyke, who was only learning to walk fell asleep on the way, but he wore his sailboat sweater bravely, just in case. And I dreamed. Next time we will have our boat, little man.

baby sweaterbaby crawling

sailboat pattern


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