Each Peach “Pair” Plum, Little Socks All Done

It was a rhyme I said to my children when they were little from the beloved book by that name, well, sort of. But I couldn’t be more delighted to have finished my first pair of socks even if they are just a tiny sample pair. The second sock knitted up much quicker than the first and I made some improvements along the way by consulting several other sock patterns to see what my pattern meant by some of the rather loose instructions. But just because I’ve finished doesn’t mean I’m done. I will go on to make a third sock so I have two that “match”. As you can see, I omitted the second color on the heel. For all of you sock experts, thank you for nudging me to try something new.




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4 Responses to Each Peach “Pair” Plum, Little Socks All Done

  1. Laura says:

    These are so cute. I love that you made your own “improvements” 🙂


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