Maine Yarn Crawl

harbor sunrise maineThis post is a bit tardy but when you’ve done a yarn crawl all you want to do is start knitting. So starting from the beginning, my husband surprised me with a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine for my birthday. I haven’t been there in years but it was just the perfect thing. To add to the fun our first stop was in Freeport. I quickly looked up yarn shops and found the most amazing place:

Mother of Purl

knitted shawl  sign  yarn display

What can I say, I was so excited I couldn’t decide what to buy first. They had buttons, yarns of every description and color and gorgeous displays of knitted projects. The women who worked there were helpful and attentive. The shop was busy. I loved the work tables where knitting, crochet and classes obviously took place. The baby section was huge and I finally settled on yarn for my hospital project. Self striping baby yarn from Crofts. 

yarn display hand painted yarns baby yarn display

After some LLBean shopping and a Lobster Roll (my first lobster meal on this trip of many) we headed on to Bar Harbor. Our hotel overlooked the harbor of Frenchman’s Bay in a truly magical setting. On my actual birthday we went kayaking among the Pocupine Islands, hiked around Cadillac Mountain and had Popovers on Jordan Pond. Oh, and I found this fantastic yarn shop that sold both yarns along with an old fashion candy counter and penny candy. Outside was a wonderful cottage garn overflowing with flowers (for the bees I presume) since it was called:

Bee’s Inc.

More neatly stacked yarn filled two rooms of this converted Victorian house. Again I was loathe to choose but decided on two skeins of her sale self striping sock yarn; Viking from Norway. The lucious berry hues are already being knitted up into socks. Birthday present to myself. I also found some needle tip holders in the large notions section.

yarn flower garden yarn display sign
After 3 days in Bar Harbor (and all the lobster I could possibly eat) we headed home. But another surprise awaited, my husband took the scenic route and we stopped in Camden, Maine. Again I quickly looked up yarn shops and two! The one I stopped at (I’m lying I stopped at both) was called:

The Cashmere Goat

yarn shop sign yarn shop

Inside this chic yarn shop are wonders in yarn the likes I have never seen. There was yarn everywhere and so beautifully displayed that I felt as if I was in a fashion designer shop. Yarn, along with descriptions, sample projects and extremely knowledgeable sales people filled this busy place. They had one person dedicated just to baby yarns and projects. There was a massive notions section and tons of books. How I was ever going to decide was the thing. Finally I chose yarn for a small sweater in cobalt blue flecked with purple, soft as eiderdown to the touch. It wasn’t easy. Seriously I wanted to move in. There were so many hand painted yarns I lost count of types. The yarn was not inexpensive in this posh little coastal town but it was the rule of the crawl that prevailed as I dreamily (but reluctantly left this amazing shop). 

 yarn  buttons 
My days are full of knitting projects for a long time but the memory of an amazing birthday will be with me forever.

beach ships bridge lobster dinner kayaking 
Jordan Pond


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5 Responses to Maine Yarn Crawl

  1. GouramiGirl says:

    Wow….All that beautiful yarn….. Don’t forget photos of the socks!

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  3. Kim amador says:

    I could get lost in that yarn shop

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