The Rule of Three

drawing of three boatsIn some art class a long time ago I learned that the eye prefers to group things in three. I have been setting out three candles, three objects d’art, three decorative pillows, and grouping food on plates in threes my whole life so I guess it bears itself out. But why not work that into knitting? So this past week as I laboriously worked on all those tiny size one needle stitches on the Maine Yarn Crawl Socks, I couldn’t take it anymore. I started a two color hat with a fancy diamond pattern and a baby blanket out of a large skein of yarn from Michael’s. (I know, I know, but I bought it on a road trip that I didn’t have a project with me, I was desperate)

The result is that I can knit on something I won’t mess up on our boat while we make our progress up river to the ocean and also whip out a project when we beach on an island to watch the sunset. I can also drag along something to do while waiting for appointments and knit instead of playing on my phone. It’s all so productive that it will be my modus operendi from now on. Oh, and by the way, that first sock is done, yay! 

sock on foot woman knitting knit capsunset 


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