Three Wide

This is my daughter’s last year at University of Miami as a physics major. All through the college process I jumped right in from the 13 colleges she wanted to visit before making her choice, to that first football game. I made the 1800 mile trip to visit her over and over. Last year we made the decision to let her live in our apartment so she could eat well and concentrate on her studies away from the college rhetoric. But she needed a car. So last Halloween we went car shopping. She had as many car choices as colleges so I narrowed the field for her as most of those choices involved bright blue and fast. We chose a black CUV Escape. As soon as I went home, however, she tricked it out with under the dash interior lights; that glowed in a variety of colors. Where was this coming from, we wondered?  This obsession with fast cars and racy lights. She turned on the television one day on my visit to the race she was watching. A NASCAR race. Bingo. Now the newly installed green racing stripes on the sensible CUV were making some sense. I had to drag her to football games and the beach but something about the whine of speeding race cars zipping around a track made her heart beat faster. So, good sport that I am, I watched. The rest is history. 

This once football crazed mom has added to her arsenal of mom bonding activities. I am totally hooked. I have 2 fantasy teams and make my husband time our boating trips so I can watch races. I have tickets to the championship race. My daughter and I text our comments during the race as I sit with my iPad tuned to in-car “spotter” chatter, cheering on my favorite drivers to the checkered flag. But the big thing in NASCAR seems to be the wrecks. I cringe and my heart stops with every crash and I marvel at how they walk calmly away from crumpled, burning race cars. The cars are engineered incredibly safe since racing’s beloved driver Dale Earnhardt was killed in 2001. But the announcers love to send chills up everyone’s spine if it looks like a crash is eminent. One of the phases of impending doom and dashed hopes is “Three Wide” and it means that these racers are 3 cars wide on a narrow track that normally can barely fit two, while traveling at well over 100 mph! 

Now how on earth does all the apply to knitting? For starters, I always have a knitting project with me. Boating, traveling (not driving) in cars, the beach, and watching races or football. I have projects to fit the occasion. Since racing is so tense and unpredictable and accompanied by several electronic devices, I choose something simple and fairly mindless. But mostly that little phrase “Three Wide” is how I tackle knitting in general. It’s my new personal knitting motto. Have three projects going at once. I even line them up in 3 separate bags so I can grab whichever one fits the appropriate circumstance. The result is far from crashing and burning. I finished 2 projects this week and started 2 more! All while dealing with the remnants of a hurricane. I’m not exactly Race Knitting but trust me, it goes faster in Threes. 

knit socksstocking  hat


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  1. Laura says:

    I usually have two or three projects going at one time. One is something small usually a hat that I can grab and go.

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