Commuting the Stash Scrap Pile 

taxi in citySince its been only about a year that I picked up my needles and yarn again my stash scrap pile is still smallish. Most of the projects used most of the yarn up and what was left over worked right into other projects (think neutral yarns here). But my Maine Yarn Crawl produced some truly beautiful yarn that I don’t want to sit idly around waiting for new inspiration so I intent to keep crawling through any left overs and move right onto another project that would suit whatever is left over. This plan will work, I swear (unless I get distracted or someone has a baby). 

So what to do with that beautiful mulberry self-striping yarn I used for the socks? (my second pair indeed finished; gold star for me!) I came up with a genius idea: Commuter Mittens. These are otherwise known in the knitting world as fingerless gloves (yeah, not ready to tackle all those little tiny finger rounds for full fledged gloves). Those mittens are perfect for texting during the cold winter while still keeping warm. I hunted on Ravelry for a simple pair that would highlight the lovely colors and voilà: Commuter Mittens are born. The best part is they are super quick to knit up. My first socks left me with a mere gobsmacker sized ball, but the second pair left half a skein so winter will be much warmer for some lucky commuter. (Shh..they’re to be a present).


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One Response to Commuting the Stash Scrap Pile 

  1. Laura says:

    Yes, these will be very nice 🙂

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