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So a couple of week ago I wrote about commuting, now I’m going to tell you a travel story. The power of three has me knitting and pushing to finish projects so socks, gloves, even “baked goods” have been flying off the needles but in the midst of it all I had a wedding to attend. Not just any wedding but a New York City, Top of Rockefeller Center Wedding. We decided to make a weekend of it so while I packed my easy to knit baby blanket to work on in the mega-traffic that is New York, I also packed a box of band-aids for my feet. And I was hoping to find a yarn shop in my sidewalk pounding wanderings. The wedding was outrageous. Black-tie and sequined gowns (who does this?) 240 people dancing between dinner courses type of affair. But we did leave time for a few delicious dinners, walks in Central Park (which, in all my tims to the Big Apple I’ve never had time to do), a Broadway Show, and a bit of shopping. Did I find a yarn shop? Yes (Knitty City), was it open at 9:00am Sunday morning? No. I was like a hungry orphan looking in a bakery shop window, sad, just sad. 
yarn shop sign   yarn shop window display  nyc park  broadway musical
The good news is there was so much traffic (literally hours of it) that the baby blanket is nearly done. But once home I started work on some choice treats, knitted, of course and have a plate of goodies to share. Also my order came from England of cotton for the Market Bag I’m starting. As with all of you, the knitting never stops. Tell me what you’re all working on, you all have such beautiful projects going, I’m dying to see. Speaking of dying, that is what I’ll be doing with the market Bag once finished. Can’t wait to try this. 


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  1. Verónica says:

    How funny. I am writing up a post about Knitty City! Hope you get to visit again when it’s open!

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