Traveling Knits: Part Two

Car drawingIt turns out I will be gone from home for a month. I have actually planned this trip ages ago but the time has just come up and now I must take the whole thing seriously. I actually leave tomorrow and I haven’t packed or prepped my house (my husband will be playing house keeper so you know what that means, she says as she shakes her head). What I have been doing is making lists. I’m an avid list maker and call them my game plans when I must execute any organized action. They help me to remember things like electronic chargers and dog food (ok, I’ve been guilty of forgetting the dog food on several occasions, we won’t even go into the chargers). I’m sure you will not be surprised that top of the list is knitting projects. Now, a month and a half is a long time and copious amounts of knitting can be accomplished if one has all the necessary resources (this is the lie we all tell ourselves) so my Craft Room became my “war room” so to speak as I chose needles, yarn and patterns to complete my ridiculous quest to knit everyone something for Christmas. Thankfully it am finished with many of the pieces but all that lovely yarn has a siren call that is completely irresistible. It has taken days and bags to be sure I have everything I want to take. It has left me with only hours to pack and clean; such is the life of the obsessed knitter. 

Hats: there will be hats for several family members.

HatStocking cap Cat
There will be Socks:

Knitting   Yarn 
There will be wash cloths (which after knitting I will dye):

Wash cloths
It is a lot to accomplish but such is the fate of the Traveling Knitter. We always bite off more than we can chew! (Yes I’ve packed the dog food). 

Dog in sweater


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  1. I’m sure you’ll find the yarn suppliers along the way and once you’re there, just in case you don’t bring enough! 😉

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