Racing Around Getting Things Done

The Chase signIt’s been a frantic couple of weeks and the blog has taken a hit. It’s not that no knitting has been getting done, quite the opposite. First was the mad dash to pack up for home after the last horse show, and then the event I’ve been waiting all summer for: the NASCAR Championship Race fondly called “The Chase”. It was terribly exciting as it was my first ever car race event. We even got “Pit Passes” and went down where the pit crews get everything ready for all the action. We got hats, flags and various memorabilia (which yours truly managed to get signed by one of the Chase drivers – Kyle Busch who drives the M and M’s car! There was piercing noise (we wore head phones so we could listen to the drivers and crew chiefs), there was intense heat then chill as the Miami sun set and there was even a huge fiery crash (no one was hurt) at the end of the race. Then there was a long line out of the parking lot which took hours and I was so wishing I had my knitting! It’s not that I’ve been idle, I just can’t write about all the fun Christmas presents I’ve made. (I promise to post proper pictures after Christmas so I don’t spoil the surprises).

Then early the next day my daughter and I loaded up my new car and headed 1500 miles for home. We did the drive in 2 days and again, since I was driving, no knitting was getting done. The minute I arrived home I started cooking for Thanksgiving. We had it all: turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie. My son and his new wife came over for breakfast before the feast. I was so busy it took me a half hour to notice my daughter-in-law’s shirt. It read: “Does this BABY make me look fat?” Well you can imagine I was jumping up and down, squealing and crying, hugging them both for joy. But the next thing I thought of was what I would knit for the layette. I even ran down to my Craft Room yarn area just to check my supplies. So my list just got longer and somehow I don’t mind! 

NASCAR car & driver  Tires Checkered flag Socks


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One Response to Racing Around Getting Things Done

  1. Laura says:

    How exciting, especially the baby 🙂


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