Cable News 

Read all about it! The sweater is done! In 15 days start to finish: a cabled V-neck adult sized “Cricket Sweater”. Usually I’m pretty happy about finishing any project but this one was under pressure. My daughter’s birthday is January 3rd so I thought I had plenty of time to finish when I put the first stitches on those size 5 needles November 30th until I realized she would be coming home from college December 14th. It wouldn’t have been so bad but I was combining two different patterns to get the sweater I wanted for her and as with any pattern, the stitches have to work out. A lot of counting and starting over on every piece happened along with a lot of late nights. But I’m thrilled to have finished just in time to pick her up at the airport. I do have to say, however, not a lot of housework or grocery shopping got done. 

Hand knit sweater


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8 Responses to Cable News 

  1. maryd1960 says:

    What a beautiful sweater! I hope she adores it!

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  2. Laura says:

    So beautiful. I love to knit cables. I am amazed that you finished it in 15 days 🙂

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  3. Emma Alicia says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! I need to learn how to cable knit, as I desperately need something like this in my wardrobe! What pattern did you use? Or did you design this yourself? Xx


  4. Bybyq says:

    Yaay! I am glad that you finish the sweater in time too 😀 the sweater is lovely! Your daughter is so lucky birthday girl 🙂 And my… Olivia, you knit really fast!! ❤ ❤

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    • Olivia says:

      Thank you, you know you are my biggest inspiration. Each time I read your posts you have another project started and another one done! I have quite a stash of sock yarn for the first of the year, everyone will get a pair next Christmas 🎄

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      • Bybyq says:

        Oh… that is the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me :,) I have never been an inspiration to anyone ever before. I am glad that you like my blog, and I hope everyone will get a pair of socks next year 🙂 Have a happy holiday, Olivia ❤

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