Pink Bows and Petticoats 

Baby sweaterThe new year still has morning dew and snow dust on it and already I’m a third of the way through another project. I have project envy when I get about 3/4 of the way through with something. In my mind I’m choosing yarn (pink or rose), selecting needles (straight or circular), buttons and bows (depending on who it’s for) and figuring on how much time I need to finish it. My determination to make sweaters for everyone’s birthday this year is still fresh but the announcement of a baby on the way in June (my son’s first) may slow things down a bit so I started early. Trust me, when I find out the gender of the baby I will go into “full-on Baby Knitting Mode”. But for now I’m working on a little miss who’s first birthday is the day before Valentines Day. So this project will be old rose and white. It will be my first attempt at crochet edging (the white) and it has the sweetest little bow and slit up the back of the jacket. She is the cutest little imp and it will fit her for a while as I’m making a size 2 for her. Of course I may have to get out the sewing machine and make that little petticoat to go with it. 



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2 Responses to Pink Bows and Petticoats 

  1. Bybyq says:

    This project is such a joy to make. The rose colour is very pretty too… Good luck Olivia ❤

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