Birthday Crown

Knitting a baby blanketI’ve been knitting furiously and am half way done with the blue baby blanket. Luckily for me it has been announced that the baby will indeed be a boy. Whew. But a large crib sized blanket can get tedious so I started another project for a certain little birthday girl about to be one year old (where did that time go?). This project was a struggle. It’s hard to say if it was the pattern, needle size change or the yarn. I used a “premium acrylic” from France. Yeah, it’s  still acrylic and I will never spend my time with this or any 100% acrylic again. Being from France did not elevate it one notch from difficult to work with, impossible to fit and less than desirable outcome. Besides it was squeaky on the needles. While the James C. Brett yarn for the baby blanket has a bit of acrylic blended with cotton rendering it soft, supple, and a joy to work with, the Phildar Charly of the Birthday Sweater was as if I used something from a discount warehouse. But once I started I just wanted it finished and I kept telling myself “But I bought this yarn in Paris.” The front of the little Cardi refuses to lay flat and be blocked to match the back so the point will have to be part of the design. Sigh. At least the ladybug buttons I ordered came quickly and dressed up the front bravely . 🐞🐞🐞

Pink ladybug sweater

My discontent prompted me to make a Birthday Crown. I used the James C. Brett cotton in lavender to match the photo in the King Cole Baby Book 7 I bought. It only took a few hours and turned out perfect. All is right with the world (of knitting, dears, only of knitting).

Baby Crown  Knitted Crown


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5 Responses to Birthday Crown

  1. Laura says:

    What a sweet birthday crown. I once knit an afghan that was a gift with squeaky yarn. Never again 🙂

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  2. maryd1960 says:

    Gorgeous work. So sad about the acrylic yarn. I swore off it years ago, and I’m fairly sure that the stuff hasn’t improved much since then. But then, I’m a self-professed yarn snob. 🙂 I recently finished an Icelandic-inspired baby cardi done in sparkly pink superwash merino / nylon sock yarn with cream accents. Felt lovely & as easy to care for as acrylic. New mom loved it!

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    • Olivia says:

      I’d love to see a photo of that baby sweater. I’m just choosing the pattern for my son’s new baby in June for the layette to go with that crib blanket. I love making baby clothes they knit up so quick.


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  4. Bybyq says:

    I really love the pink jacket! It is incredibly cute 🙂 Sorry that the yarn is a pain to work with, but I think the result is lovely ❤

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