Princess Pinafore 

Baby Book One of the fun things about having a baby girl to knit for is all the new patterns and stitches to try. Some turn out adorable and others (like any knitting projects) well..not so much. This time, thank the knitting fairies, it was perfection. I bought a King Cole baby knitting book (7) from Deramores that has me dying to try every piece but the cover has the most precious pinafore I’ve ever seen. Naturally as I was making something else, it kept calling me so I gave in and cast on the stitches. Now I’ve never done lace on the side before and expected difficulties with the pick up but since I used the James C. Brett Cotton On DK baby yarn it was easy as pie. I did change the needle size two sizes down for this yarn and used the 9-18 months pattern for a one year old (is it me or does that seem like a large size span?). The whole dress only took a few days and is definitely fit for our little princess grand baby. Her first birthday has come and gone but this will be the perfect Easter dress and summer pinafore. I plan to find a white eyelet puffy sleeved top to go underneath so the lace and stitching shows up better. 

Knitted dress


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8 Responses to Princess Pinafore 

  1. Rachel says:

    Aw, that is just adorable! ❤


  2. It’s so darling! So talented mama!

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  3. maryd1960 says:

    I love the lace on this! Gorgeous work!

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