Blanket Statements 

Anchor boatRemember those days when you first started knittting? You know, when all those abbreviations in patterns were like, “whaaat?” And after all those crossed and dropped stitches, remember the day you finished your first sweater? It took months but you stuck with it and finally FINISHED it. THAT, my friends is how I felt after finally finishing the CRIB SIZE (what was I thinking) baby blanket in size 3 (US) needles. The pattern was simple but I wanted the stitches to be tight, not lacy, so I went down several sizes on the needles. This is coming from someone who was under the gun to make an entire cabled sweater for my adult daughter – IN TEN DAYS! Baby blankets just go on and on and on. My frustration turned into frenzy when I made the coming home sweater in 3 days for the little darling. It was like I couldn’t wait to start something, anything that I could zing on and off the needles. Fair to say, I took breaks on the blanket to make the Princess Dress and Birthday Crown. But that blanket glared at me from the knitting bag over its glasses as if to say, “Ahem. We have a project unfinished over here. Are you sure you should be working on that?” I would sigh and knit a few zillion stitch ed rows and close the bag. I’d like to say I’ll never make another blanket again but that one is way to big to bring a newborn home from the hospital wrapped in, so I am making a small blanket with sailboat and anchor pattern. I have till the end of June. Wish me luck.

 Baby blanket and sweater


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2 Responses to Blanket Statements 

  1. maryd1960 says:

    Beautiful work , Olivia! I know how it goes with the project that will never end. B’s dress scarf is becoming just such an albatross for me. 🙂

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