Knitting My Way Through Paris

Eiffel TowerI admit I’ve been home for nearly 2 weeks and haven’t updated the blog. But let me explain: I’ve been knitting up a storm. Well, that and planning a baby shower, household duties, celebrating my son’s birthday (made a cake, of course) while he moved into his new house (that is basically a construction zone), ordering graduation cards for my college daughter, booking flights to rent her an apartment in her new school/job, putting an offer on a new house, while doing little things to prepare our current one for sale, all the while pining after French Strawberries and the little market street I stayed on and trying to get over jet-lag. So, here it is: a knitting/travel update. 

Paris was wonderful (as it always is to everyone who visits) but this trip was especially grand. My little grandson had his 2nd birthday so he is at the perfect age for fun and discovery. He had his first pony ride in one of the charming Paris parks where tiny Shetland ponies take children on the winding footpaths through the flowers and duck ponds. Then one day we went to Luxembourg Gardens and sailed boats on the pond (the highlight of my stay) and I bought him his first ice cream cone. My daughter took time from work while I was there so we did something fun nearly everyday. He had his first Easter Egg Hunt in their local park. His little face was priceless every time he found another egg. One day we took the train to Trouville by the Sea and had a spectacular lunch overlooking the harbor. We wandered tiny streets and strolled the busy boardwalk full of early holiday goers. It’s the most charming seaside town I’ve ever seen, like out of a storybook in bygone years. 

Easter egg hunting Pond boats Pony ride
Beach sign
My husband joined me halfway through the trip and we had a driver take us to the Loire Valley to several Chateaus. We had lunch in the darling castle village of Amboise on one gloriously sunny day. Leonardo di Vinci is buried in the chapel. We also saw the chateau of Catherine of Medici and it’s beautiful gardens and hedge maze. Then one day we took a train to Fountainbleu where Napoleon said goodbye to his troops before being exiled. The formal grounds are magnificent with swan ponds and fountains rivaling Versailles. 

Amboise Castle Formal garden Tulip Gardens  Amboise  

Shopping was wonderful. I bought dresses for all my upcoming events and my college graduate daughter’s special day. Lots of baby shops (the French love their babies) provided perfect shopping for my soon to be 3 grand children. And the Market streets have wonderful French household goods for that new house/construction zone. And of course, I visited the local yarn shop and bought a few skeins of cotton and wool. 

Sweater and tutu Blue knitting Cotton knit baby jacket
But all the while I carried my little Laduree knitting bag along and stitched a few rows. I made an entire newborn jacket for a friend’s baby due in August and started a ballerina surplice for my granddaughter to go with the tutu we bought. The surplice proved too large so I ripped it out, adapted the pattern and started again. That done, I’m now onto the cotton purchase in Paris for the new baby. Tiny needles and the DMC cotton make for perfectly smooth pieces. It’s going to be a little sailor collared pullover for this summer. 

I miss Paris terribly but I’ve got so much to do in the coming weeks, you’ll have to forgive me if I miss a Monday update or two! 

Eiffel Tower Arc de Triumph  Nortre Dame


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2 Responses to Knitting My Way Through Paris

  1. Bybyq says:

    oooh the pink jacket with ribbon is very pretty ❤ love it very much. I have never been to Paris, but I would if I have an opportunity to go… it must be a wonderful place to go to…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Verónica says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. The knitting is lovely.


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