The Long Road Back

Car drawingSo it’s been weeks since I’ve posted. Mind you, the knitting needles have not been idle but I have been in cars and planes more than I can count at this point. After the Paris trip I had 4 days to get ready and to my youngest daughter’s college graduation in Miami. It’s amazing that we can’t go warp speed in rockets because that’s what I feel like just happened. Seriously it seems we just got her through high school! But there it is, a brand new college graduate with a degree in Physics and a full ride to graduate school for her Aerospace Engineering degree. Needless to say we had to get to Texas and locate/rent/reserve an apartment for her August start date. We then had 3 days to fly back to Miami, pack and drive her belongings back home 1800 miles. It could have gone smoothly, but it didn’t. The first hour a tire exploded on her car and rolled away! We got to the roadside safely and called a tow truck. After an hour we were taken to a tire shop that didn’t seem to have her tire in stock. So after another hour we got towed to a 2nd tire shop only to be informed that the tire we needed was NOT the one the 1st tire shop said. AND, you guessed it, they didn’t have the tire we actually needed. Another phone call, another hour, another tow truck, another tire shop (this time the dealer). By evening we were finally on our way to our 1st hotel; a 5 hour drive. 

After 3 long days we finally got home but it was so late we didn’t have time to visit the hotel she’d be staying at for her summer internship in Connecticut. So the next day we drove there and back, only to realize it wasn’t a safe place. After several scrambling hours we drove back to Connecticut to find something safer (not to mention cost effective) all this time we drove 2 cars thinking I would be coming home. But life is not alsways easy or how we plan. We found, by some miracle, an unfurnished apartment willing to rent for 10 weeks and drove back home because in all the confusion she forgot her passport and couldn’t start work. At this point I should have been done with kids, cars, hotels, etc. but somehow I just kept going. I think I’m numb. 

As the apartment lease began to get done we realized they were adding more and more charges and it wasn’t going to work. Too bad that was AFTER we packed her car with a bed, dishes, linens and items for living. If you’re like me, you are thinking, will this never end? At this point, I decided to just book an residence style hotel with a tiny kitchen and be done with it but the cost was outrageous until I happened to call one near the airport of the town she will be interning at. They had a special rate for the corporation she will be at! We leave Monday (again) for her new job. Big sigh of relief. All of this reminds me of the Massachusetts Senator’s slogan “And She Persisted”. I have always said you’re never lost if you keep going. 

Did I knit during all these trips? Like any addict, I kept my needles with me. I’m actually working on a garter stitch sweater for myself in a lovely orange wool. The back is complete. Wow, adult sweaters take F O R E V E R. I would have 3 baby sweaters done by now. Hopefully I can get back on track to knitting, posting and sleeping in may own bed. Knitting project


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2 Responses to The Long Road Back

  1. Bybyq says:

    Congratulations for your daughter’s graduation. And I know exactly how you feel making an adult knitting project after making baby’s project for a while. It feels like forever 😀


  2. SillaOfficial101 says:

    I love your ideas and your cheery personality


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