Knitter’s Block Cure

Typewriter drawingAs a writer, I heard tales of writer’s block and couldn’t relate. There are so many interesting things going on everywhere that a story or character can be woven if you just observe with a little imagination. Well I also have heard of knitter’s block and found it impossible to comprehend after once browsing through Ravelry’s amazing pattern tab. But here it is, the monster caught up with me. It’s not that I can’t find anything to knit. It’s that an entire adult sized cardigan for myself in garter stitch is getting progressively tedious and, well, boring. The back, even with shaping, took forever. The front is going better but enough is enough, I need a bit of challenge and I need to see an end in site. So even though my new baby grandson isn’t even born yet, I’m working on his 3rd sweater. I got another round of yarn from my favorite online shop Deramores and somehow ended up with the same blue I had so time to make something out of it. It’s Baby Merino so it calls for a size 2 US needle. I found a vintage pattern from my tattered 1980 McCalls baby knitting magazine that used short rows. This is a technique I’ve never tried in a sweater so I cast off on a new mini adventure. The stitch is garter again but this time the knitting is sideways! At first I didn’t understand this and ripped it out after a few inches only to start again and get a better explanation from another pattern from Drops that uses the technique. It’s coming along well and makes for interesting knittingnsince you have to keep count of where the short rows stop and turn. 

So here’s my cure for knitters block: try something you haven’t done before, the challenge will be worth it. And if it gets frustrating, you can always go back to the piece that drove you to expand your horizons in the first place. Baby blue knitting project


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One Response to Knitter’s Block Cure

  1. madgeface says:

    Good advice! I’ve had knitter’s block before and found that browsing lots of patterns helped. I also like to pick a yarn (usually a lone skein) out of my stash and find or design a project for it. Learning new skills helps too!


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