In the Pink

Pink knittingI’ve been knitting so many baby blue sweaters and blanket for the new baby boy that just arrived that I have quite neglected the PINK Cascade Merino yarn I’ve been stashing away. So with the free Cabled Poncho pattern from Craftsy’s Free Pattern Friday, I cast on and began a cozy poncho for a certain little pixie who is fast approaching 2 years old. My daughter lives in California and it’s blazing hot right now so I chose a larger size (2-3 yrs) so it will fit the baby next Fall. Like so many of my projects, I cast on (this was a new way to cast for me; called a Cabled Cast-on) and began the arduous task of knitting a project with 258 stitches jammed on a needle. After the border the project quickly got tricky, mostly because the actual pattern is written in SCRIPT. Who does that?! I kept getting lost and got off by first one stitch then two. Both times at the beginning of that crazy long row. I ripped that out so many times, my husband thinks it’s crazy that I would go back to it. But if you’re like me, you simply cannot start a project off on the wrong stitch, especially cables! I’m happy to report that on the 4th try, I finally got it right and the pattern started to make sense. Since I have quite a while to finish it, I’m not worried, I’d rather get it right. It’s just so nice to be making something in Pink.

And speaking of cast-on’s I’m toying with the idea of starting a lace shawl to trade-off with. The question is, when will I finish those socks I started this spring….


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2 Responses to In the Pink

  1. maryd1960 says:

    So much for kid knits being “quick”, hm? 🙂 Did you decide whether it was the pattern or the knitter, or a combination of both? With me, it’s usually the knitter who is having cognitive difficulties!


  2. Olivia says:

    Like I said, it’s too difficult to keep track if the pattern which writes every stitch out (never gives a repeat?!) and all in a script font. It’s crazy. Plus no explanation on the cable cast on. But going well now.


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