Totally Had an Excuse…

I thought I was all caught up and had plenty of time to write my post for last Sunday and then THIS happened (2weeks early):

Newborn baby My son and his wife had their baby a surprising 2 weeks early. The tiny take-me-home sweater fit perfectly as he was 7 pounds and 21″ long.  The hospital provided the hat, knit by a volunteer but somehow it matched perfectly.  He is one week old now and doing well. But I can’t resist sharing some photos to show off. Check out that beautiful blonde hair! 

Newborn Blonde newborn Baby in car seat


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4 Responses to Totally Had an Excuse…

  1. Congratulations!! He’s adorable and looks so snuggly in the sweater and hat:)

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  2. Katherine says:

    Congrats! He is absolutely too cute to believe! Even his little socks match.


  3. maryd1960 says:

    Beautiful baby! Congratulations to all! (And that sweater is pretty, too!)


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