And Then July Happened

Harbor sceneAfter a little 4th of July fun and family, where knitting was replaced with boat trips, blueberry pies, lobsters, bar-b-ques (ribs, of course), NASCAR race watching and fireworks, it was time to get back to the needles and yarn. Oh, did I mention we bought a house over the weekend? So in between frantic sorting and cleaning to get our current house ready to sell, I managed to start another project. I’ve always wanted to try lace. Real lace, not just little bits on baby sweaters. So I had purchased what looked like the best deal ever on Craftsy – a shawl pattern and the yarn for $7.20! I have one daughter who loves purple so I chose a luscious magenta that looks a lot like a Welch’s Grape Popcicle. It’s cloudborne Merino fingering weight and super soft on size 5 needles. It took me 3 tries to figure out the pattern (seems to be my MO) and after reading the chart a little more carefully (ahem 🙄) I had her cranked up and clicking along nicely. I did listen to The Grocery Girls mini class on You Tube for lace shawls and got a ton of amazing ideas and help before I started. It’s a long but fully entertaining show and if you’re thinking of doing some lace knitting, I highly recommend it. They even showed some incredibly useful knitting tools I didn’t know existed. House and trees

But I digress. It’s been a week now and I have almost 10 inches. Mind you there have been some all day cleaning and house staging sessions interspersed but I can proudly say it is starting to take shape. Of course since that color is on the dark side, I switch back to the pink Poncho or my citrus socks I’ve been making forever. I never like to boat without a project to work on since it’s about a 20 minute trip down the river and out to the bay. You know: the Never Not Knitting thing. 

Lace knitting 


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3 Responses to And Then July Happened

  1. The lace is gorgeous!! You got a great bargain:)
    I love the house. Good luck selling yours.

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  2. maryd1960 says:

    Gorgeous work, Olivia! And I hear you on the ‘never not knitting’ thing – I always bring knitting with me, even if I have five minutes of wait time anticipated. I’ve gotten to knit in some pretty interesting places doing that!

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