What’s Done is not Done

Well, the shawl is finished…sort of. It really doesn’t look like the picture yet. Oh, it’s off the needles alright and the knitting is thankfully finished. This was one of those patterns, that either through difficulty of level or inexperience on my part, was a bugger to follow. I finally printed out the two charts and dragged them around as I worked on the thing. I also finally figured out it was being knit from the top of the shawl down to the lace edge. We all wish patterns would explain these little things but probably a more experienced lace knitter would have already known. Even so, the pattern was an 8 row repeat on needles so large for the yarn that the stitches kept wanting to slide off. Needless to say, I’m relieved the knitting is finished. But it’s not done. Next comes the blocking, which I’ve never done. I know, how can I have knit all these years without blocking? But baby sweaters knit in one piece really don’t require that. Blankets, eh. Even adult sweaters on size 10 needles; a little steam from an iron flattens out the pieces. But lace REQUIRES blocking or you can’t see it. So tomorrow I’m off to my neighborhood yarn shop where I’m hoping she has some (it’s a tiny shop crammed with so much yarn you cannot move. Heaven for some, hell for someone with OCD). I’m also hoping the shawl will get a little larger with blocking because it does not look the size in the pattern photos. Yet. Famous Last Words. 

Knitted lace shawl


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