Block Party

Clean, eat, sleep, knit, repeat. If you've ever sold your house you know the drill. Constant cleaning "just in case" they want to show the house at a moment's notice. Since I've never used blocking wires I had no idea how long it would take for the piece to dry. So I timed it 2 days before the open house and hoped for the best. I am happy to say that the purple did not run onto the carpet I was tacking it to. (Whew) And it only took basically over night to dry the lace probably because I helped with a dehumidifier parked right next to the "Block Party". After soaking, squeezing, weaving the wires and pinning to the carpet with my handy Clover U-shaped pins, it was just a matter of waiting. Things were going so well I decided to block the Pink Poncho at the same time. The results are fantastic and the process was not nearly as difficult as I anticipated. Now hopefully the house will sell this weekend. Crossing


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3 Responses to Block Party

  1. jo creates says:

    nice! I love the satisfaction of blocking, even if I’m not keen on the waiting for it to dry! 😊


  2. Bybyq says:

    clean, eat, sleep, knit… sounds just like a life in a perfect world to me. Except that unfortunately, food cannot just magically appear so I have to slip “cook” somewhere in between 😀 lace looks ❤ ❤ lovely, Olivia….


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