Heat of the Summer

I have been traveling so long that I don’t have a clear sense  of what day it even is. My daughter had 2 days to pack up her life after her summer internship ended and get on the road to Grad School in Texas. So off we went on another road trip halfway across the country in the broiling August heat. Everything she owns was squeezed into her Ford Escape with only a tiny bit of room for me and our chihuahua. After 4 days we arrived to a new apartment and life for her but not a stick of furniture. We have been ordering and shopping for all the things that make up a home. I managed to finish one of my Citrus Sensation Socks on the trip and get a good way on the second sock. I did finish my second shawl minutes before we left on the trip. I’m not sure how much knitting I can get done in Texas in the next two weeks without any real furniture to sit on except the outside patio chairs. I’m just saying 110° is a bit warm for knitting! 

Knit shawlStriped knit shawl


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2 Responses to Heat of the Summer

  1. Beautiful shawl!!
    Good luck to your daughter in Texas:) It’s very exciting to move to some place new and start a new adventure.


    • Olivia says:

      It really s an adventure and I’m so happy she is including me in it at the start. We are having a great time even though it’s incredibly hot. Thanks for the compliment the shawl wasn’t long enough and really ended up more like a neck scarf so I just kept adding patterns and colors. It for my other daughter in Paris and I think she will love it.

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