A Little Time (Off)

BoxesThe question is where have I been? Moving. That should say it all. After moving my daughter into her first apartment in Texas, where she will attend graduate school, and dealing with putting it all together during Hurricane Harvey, we sold our house in Massachusetts. So after 3 weeks in Texa (where I did finish the Citrus Sensation Socks) I flew home to start the monumental task of packing a 3 story house in 10 days. That’s how long I had before the closing. Initially I panicked. Then I just kept packing boxes. I was still packing them the day the movers came to load the vans. We had 5 days lag time between closings and only a mile to drive to the new house so I spent 5 needless days watching Netflix and, you guessed it, knitting. It was the first time I had in almost 3 weeks. I’m working on another shawl for my daughter-in-law for Christmas, using her favorite colors from their wedding: sage and lavender. Lucky for me something got mixed up in my order of the yarn from Deramores and I got a double order! I can’t send it back since it’s shipped from overseas so this may be a very big shawl! 

I’m happy to report that once we actually moved in our new home I have unpacked those 150 or so boxes, set up bedrooms and the kitchen and ordered new furniture for the lovely rooms (the person who bought my old house also bought most of the furniture). The master bedroom and living room are being remodeled so they are either gutted or empty but it is coming along nicely. We have cleared out all the overgrown trees and shrubbery from right on top the house so light is now pouring in. I am camped out in the family room knitting away and making fall food in my new-to-me kitchen. Such fun to start a new adventure. 



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