Merry Christmas Knitting

I know it’s been a while and sorry for the lack of posts but 2 things are keeping me away. One, the remodeling in the house is at fever pitch as we try to get the living room done for Christmas. This means a daily parade of workmen with painters tripping over electrician’s ladders, central Vac guy’s climbing over insulation installers and me trying to save the newly finished floors. This doesn’t include several sets of furniture delivery people setting up the living room furnishings while I hold my breath and hope the paint is dry.

Then of course we got our Christmas Tree and my husband insisted on a 12 footer to match the 12 foot ceiling height. Since we only own a 6 ft ladder and lights had to go on…well, you do the math. It’s been a little insane. We still don’t have walls around the new fireplace, or tile or a mantle. I may have to nail stocking directly onto the wall. And don’t forget, one must carry on with laundry, groceries, cooking and (laughable) cleaning.

Ok, with excuse number one out of the way, excuse number 2 is that some of the readers of this blog might see their present if I post all about it so knitting will have to remain anonymous until after the Big Day. But I’ve been taking photos and have lots to show for when that time comes. In the meanwhile, just know that I ran out of yarn and am waiting on pins and knitting needles for one last skein to arrive from the UK.

Oh this is a wonderful time of the year!


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas Knitting

  1. Your tree is beautiful!! I love a tall tree in a room with a high ceiling. It’s so majestic:)

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  2. Jane Gealy says:

    What is it with men and the size of Christmas trees? We have a friend who owns a cafe that has a double height pitched ceiling. Every year he buys a gigantic tree that is so big the top branches bend against the top of the rafters and it blocks half the doorway, so the customers have to battle their way past it! I must say, it does look pretty impressive though.


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