Forced Sabbatical: Has it ever happened to you?

We were going skiing. Not just any skiing, we were going to take a 5 hour plane ride to Denver then drive 2 hours to Vail, rent a gorgeous condo and ski for 4 days. As I settled myself into my window seat on the 7:00 AM flight I naturally pulled out my knitting project (a baby blanket in hearts and tulip relief pattern) only to discover one knitting needle was missing! It was a size 6 US and I have no idea where I lost it. So I plugged in my headphones to watch some Jet Blue TV only to discover the jack wasn’t working so the free movie was garbled. Sigh. Next, I took out my iPad where I could entertain myself with the free Wi-Fi but it had updated and used all the battery. Double sigh. This was one of the rare flight I actually dozed.

And of course there was no stopping my husband on the way up the mountain to run to earth a new set of size six needles (and souvenir yarn, of course). He promised he would, but promises are cheap when there are no knitting shops in sight. I’ve never been more frustrated with a project simply because there was no possibility of knitting it (FOR 5 DAYS). Pink knitting project


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4 Responses to Forced Sabbatical: Has it ever happened to you?

  1. How did you ever survive:)


  2. maryd1960 says:

    I hope you found your missing needle – I have a set like that & really like them for the rare occasion I knit with straights.

    During the year (!) I spent knitting a fingering-weight scarf in handspun merino & silk on US2s, I traveled with it quite a bit. One time, mid-way through the project, I lost the laminated scrap of paper with the 8-row repeated pattern on it. I searched everywhere and thought I looked thoroughly in my knitting bag for this 2″ x 4″ bit. No good. Couldn’t find it. The pattern had been photocopied from a library book and was not available on Ravelry, so I *bought* a copy of the book just for that pattern. The book came, I made a copy and laminated just the bit I needed. Put the book on my fiber bookshelf. Went to put the new copy in my knitting bag. You guessed it: I found the original copy tucked into a side pocket that I rarely use. The up side? The scarf is now an FO and DH wears it proudly to symphony.

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    • Olivia says:

      The funny thing is I have a single 6 at home. I lost it’s mate many years ago. Not sure why I lose sixes. But I’m sure gonna fins a bag that closes better.


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