In the Pink

Bee buttonThis is the story of the little cotton sundress for a certain little two year old girl who will be coming to Cape Cod soon. Now I love to follow patterns, I’m not one to adapt patterns with one change after another. There are a few patterns I’ve made many times and know without even consulting the actual pattern but still; I’m following a pattern. My main reason is that I don’t have time to fiddle with the stitches but also I really don’t have the inclination to. I want to find just the right one for what I have in mind. And sometimes I just like to try something new that catches my eye. But this time I ventured out and changed a little something in the pattern. In the summer we want cool clothes so cotton that is knitted needs to be airy and that not easy on such a small pattern. Instead of straight stockinette stitch on the Lion Brand Child’s Sun Top, I made some little lace flowers in the hem of the sundress pinafore. It doesn’t sound like much but stitches should be counted if one wants it to look even. Throwing caution to the wind I randomly chose five stitches as my starting point for the yarn overs. If you have read my blog over the past year you know that there hasn’t been a project I’ve started only to rip it out at least twice before it really gets going. Well I’m astonished to report that 5 stitches fit the amount of cast on stitches exactly! I ran two rows of the mini lace pattern I made up and it worked perfectly. I didn’t even have to rip and restart this project. I dug out some cute bee buttons purchased last year in Paris to finish off the whimsical look. Now all I need is a little girl. I can’t wait for August.Knitted sundress


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  1. Adorable dress! The lace is lovely and the button is so cute.


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