Tomato Soup Hoodie

I wanted to make another sweater for my 3 yr old grandson but every time I make one for him, he outgrows it before I can get it to him. So this time I opted for a much larger size than I would for that size child and I started it just before his visit to the United States. You see, he’s a little Parisian. This will be his first airplane flight and visit to a foreign country. I chose Sheepjes Cahlista Cotton for the yarn and a good sized needle (7s & 8s). The color says Hot Red but it’s exactly the color of a tomato. The pattern is Greenland Playtime Hoodie . I’m just finishing the first sleeve and it’s a raglan, sew-in sleeve with a cute front pouch. Now I’m crossing my fingers he hasn’t grown too much since April and that I have enough yarn (which took a month to get from England).


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2 Responses to Tomato Soup Hoodie

  1. That’s going to be so cute and the perfect style for an independent 3 year old:)


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