The Little Professor

Christmas Dinner TableTwo rows left and it was Christmas Day so why wouldn’t I slip in a little knitting between stockings, wrapping paper clean up, cinnamon rolls, and a Christmas Dinner cooking marathon of Prime rib, asparagus tart, baby Brussels sprouts with bacon, creamed peas & pearl onions, Cranberry Bree encrute, lobster tail salads, my aunt’s enduring jello cream “salad” and an amazing Peppermint Forest Cake. I did need to make two little elbow patches but they only took a half an hour. So this sweater has become my Christmas sweater. It’s a size 3T for my grandson’s birthday in March. He lives in Paris with my darling daughter and son-in-law. Sure, they all got Christmas Knits but those were finished months ago and mailed early. (I always hold my breath sending packages to Paris until they arrive with good reason, this one went to several postal stations before they had to take a train to pick it up) So this little sweater will be hand delivered. Yes, we have another trip to Paris planned for the little man’s 2nd birthday. He is such a precious little boy and I’m lucky enough to FaceTime with him a couple times a week, many of which he grabs a bag, slings it over his should and pretends to go out his front door to work, waving and saying in a tiny French voice, “Au Revoir”. What’s not to love? It was an easy pattern, well written and done in 10 days even with Christmas festivities on the line. The pattern is on my Ravelry account (as are all my projects). Merry Christmas. 🎄

Child's cardigan  Christmas Tree Christmas Peppermint Cake

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Cable News 

Read all about it! The sweater is done! In 15 days start to finish: a cabled V-neck adult sized “Cricket Sweater”. Usually I’m pretty happy about finishing any project but this one was under pressure. My daughter’s birthday is January 3rd so I thought I had plenty of time to finish when I put the first stitches on those size 5 needles November 30th until I realized she would be coming home from college December 14th. It wouldn’t have been so bad but I was combining two different patterns to get the sweater I wanted for her and as with any pattern, the stitches have to work out. A lot of counting and starting over on every piece happened along with a lot of late nights. But I’m thrilled to have finished just in time to pick her up at the airport. I do have to say, however, not a lot of housework or grocery shopping got done. 

Hand knit sweater

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Starting a New Sweater

All the Christmas gifts are finished so it was time to start a new goal. My plan is to knit everyone who would wear it a sweater for their birthday! Ok I know it’s a large bite to chew but my knitting has gotten much faster thanks to sock knitting. So the first birthday is early January (YIKES) and she is a cable lover with a favorite color of turquoise. So here goes: Cable Knitting Marathon! Wish me luck!

Cable knitting

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Racing Around Getting Things Done

The Chase signIt’s been a frantic couple of weeks and the blog has taken a hit. It’s not that no knitting has been getting done, quite the opposite. First was the mad dash to pack up for home after the last horse show, and then the event I’ve been waiting all summer for: the NASCAR Championship Race fondly called “The Chase”. It was terribly exciting as it was my first ever car race event. We even got “Pit Passes” and went down where the pit crews get everything ready for all the action. We got hats, flags and various memorabilia (which yours truly managed to get signed by one of the Chase drivers – Kyle Busch who drives the M and M’s car! There was piercing noise (we wore head phones so we could listen to the drivers and crew chiefs), there was intense heat then chill as the Miami sun set and there was even a huge fiery crash (no one was hurt) at the end of the race. Then there was a long line out of the parking lot which took hours and I was so wishing I had my knitting! It’s not that I’ve been idle, I just can’t write about all the fun Christmas presents I’ve made. (I promise to post proper pictures after Christmas so I don’t spoil the surprises).

Then early the next day my daughter and I loaded up my new car and headed 1500 miles for home. We did the drive in 2 days and again, since I was driving, no knitting was getting done. The minute I arrived home I started cooking for Thanksgiving. We had it all: turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie. My son and his new wife came over for breakfast before the feast. I was so busy it took me a half hour to notice my daughter-in-law’s shirt. It read: “Does this BABY make me look fat?” Well you can imagine I was jumping up and down, squealing and crying, hugging them both for joy. But the next thing I thought of was what I would knit for the layette. I even ran down to my Craft Room yarn area just to check my supplies. So my list just got longer and somehow I don’t mind! 

NASCAR car & driver  Tires Checkered flag Socks

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In light of the shocking week. This is my post. I am heartbroken beyond words, but I will never give up or into the hatred that fueled the outcome. Please click the link. 


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Horse Show Knitting

Sock knittingMy daughter started riding at age 8. It was adorable. Now that she’s 20, it has taken on a more serious turn. Since high school she has competed in IEA and IHSA Horse show competitions. We have a wall full of ribbons to prove it. But as you can imagine, like any sport, it takes not only a lot of practice but travel to said competitions. This weekend it was an 8 hour drive to one of my favorite towns: Savannah, Georgia. But the best part is that she drives now and I can…you guessed it: KNIT ON THE WAY! Let’s just say those Fiesta Contrast Toe socks are well underway. I’m using the confetti colored yarn I ordered from Craftsy, Patons Kroy Sock yarn in Mexicali Self-Stripe. I love how a handful of color will turn into socks and now that all my blogging buddies have gotten my completely addicted, they will be done before I know it. 

In the meanwhile I made the team some molasses cookies and snickerdoodles to keep their moral up as they compete with 12 other colleges for those elusive blue ribbons. 

Horse Show Horse Show ring Horse Show jumper

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The Cat in the Hat

Striped hat“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW!  It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”  ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

This is precisely what I was thinking when I stumbled across this pattern from Stana D. Sortor from Stana’s Critters. What a fun Christmas present for my son-in-law to play with my baby granddaughter. She loves to play and sing and laugh and this great hat is as tall as a giraffe! It’s exactly one foot tall. I am stuffing the tip top with light fluff and sewing in some criss-cross strands of yarn to hold it in place. To keep the top flat I’ll insert a paper plate first since this hat is probably not going to see the wash.

So even though she’s so very small, I’m sure my granddaughter and her dad will have a ball, and play just like Thing one and Thing two. It was easy, peasy and incredibly fun to knit. The cat in the hat knows exactly what he is talking about! And yes, the iconic book will accompany this present of fun.

“You find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book” ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

Knitted top hat

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Traveling Knits: Part Two

Car drawingIt turns out I will be gone from home for a month. I have actually planned this trip ages ago but the time has just come up and now I must take the whole thing seriously. I actually leave tomorrow and I haven’t packed or prepped my house (my husband will be playing house keeper so you know what that means, she says as she shakes her head). What I have been doing is making lists. I’m an avid list maker and call them my game plans when I must execute any organized action. They help me to remember things like electronic chargers and dog food (ok, I’ve been guilty of forgetting the dog food on several occasions, we won’t even go into the chargers). I’m sure you will not be surprised that top of the list is knitting projects. Now, a month and a half is a long time and copious amounts of knitting can be accomplished if one has all the necessary resources (this is the lie we all tell ourselves) so my Craft Room became my “war room” so to speak as I chose needles, yarn and patterns to complete my ridiculous quest to knit everyone something for Christmas. Thankfully it am finished with many of the pieces but all that lovely yarn has a siren call that is completely irresistible. It has taken days and bags to be sure I have everything I want to take. It has left me with only hours to pack and clean; such is the life of the obsessed knitter. 

Hats: there will be hats for several family members.

HatStocking cap Cat
There will be Socks:

Knitting   Yarn 
There will be wash cloths (which after knitting I will dye):

Wash cloths
It is a lot to accomplish but such is the fate of the Traveling Knitter. We always bite off more than we can chew! (Yes I’ve packed the dog food). 

Dog in sweater

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Is it A Girl or Boy?

You know what it’s like, they announce their pregnancy and everyone is overjoyed, except the knitting friend who is anxious to start a project for the precious bundle of joy. Trying to decide between pink or blue while waiting for the reveal announcement can feel like an eternity. Doesn’t anyone know that yarn has to be chosen, bought, a pattern found and then knitted? I know, there is always the fall back to yellow, white or even mint green. But for the really special things, we want that decisive Pink or Blue. Well, you might call me over anxious but my son and new wife aren’t anywhere close to starting a family, and my twin daughters have one a boy and a girl. I need a blanket for the portable nursery at my house for whoever comes to visit. So after starting with pink I decided to solve the problem by adding blue and even a white stripe. The result should work for any baby; pink or blue, well maybe not twins should anyone be blessed with them. So even though it just started out using up a ball of yarn it has ended up being a soft, cuddly baby blanket and its almost done. 

knitted baby blanket

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Travel Knitting

knit bag
So a couple of week ago I wrote about commuting, now I’m going to tell you a travel story. The power of three has me knitting and pushing to finish projects so socks, gloves, even “baked goods” have been flying off the needles but in the midst of it all I had a wedding to attend. Not just any wedding but a New York City, Top of Rockefeller Center Wedding. We decided to make a weekend of it so while I packed my easy to knit baby blanket to work on in the mega-traffic that is New York, I also packed a box of band-aids for my feet. And I was hoping to find a yarn shop in my sidewalk pounding wanderings. The wedding was outrageous. Black-tie and sequined gowns (who does this?) 240 people dancing between dinner courses type of affair. But we did leave time for a few delicious dinners, walks in Central Park (which, in all my tims to the Big Apple I’ve never had time to do), a Broadway Show, and a bit of shopping. Did I find a yarn shop? Yes (Knitty City), was it open at 9:00am Sunday morning? No. I was like a hungry orphan looking in a bakery shop window, sad, just sad. 
yarn shop sign   yarn shop window display  nyc park  broadway musical
The good news is there was so much traffic (literally hours of it) that the baby blanket is nearly done. But once home I started work on some choice treats, knitted, of course and have a plate of goodies to share. Also my order came from England of cotton for the Market Bag I’m starting. As with all of you, the knitting never stops. Tell me what you’re all working on, you all have such beautiful projects going, I’m dying to see. Speaking of dying, that is what I’ll be doing with the market Bag once finished. Can’t wait to try this. 

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