Yarn Shop Reviews

Let’s just say I travel so much that my chihuahua has a frequent flyer card. I have a lot of children, nine to be exact. Only one lives near me, the rest are flung all over the place. Some of them move constantly and so to see them I must travel. Anyone who knits knows that while traveling one must fill those hours of travel with something to do, and while reading is enjoyable it feels more productive to knit. So we all have our little travel kits and bags which we stuff with way more than we will ever accomplish. But the best part of travel is the chance to scout out new yarn shops which, after all, might have just the right skein of yarn for that next project.


signThis little shop is close to where I live on Cape Cod. I have found the yarn for some of my most treasured projects here. It is literally crammed with yarn. At first glance it can be a bit overwhelming because there doesn’t appear to be any order once you step inside, but the woman who owns the shop knows where everything is and is very helpful. Yarn is piled on shelves and in baskets, quite literally up to the ceiling. She knits constantly and enters her projects in contests and fairs. She also has a large assortment of knitting needles. I know (and have tried) many people prefer bamboo needles but I prefer Teflon coated, Susan Bates metal needles and she is the only place I’ve found that carries them. One trip in there I discovered her with the button salesman during his yearly sales call. She has an amazing collection probably because she uses them in her many projects.

yarn shop button shelf yarn shop 

MOTHER OF PURL – Freeport, Maine

yarn shop yarn  display yarn display yarn display

What can I say, I was so excited I couldn’t decide what to buy first. They had buttons, yarns of every description and color and gorgeous displays of knitted projects. The women who worked there were helpful and attentive. The shop was busy. I loved the work tables where knitting, crochet and classes obviously took place. The baby section was huge and I finally settled on yarn for my baby hat project. Self striping baby yarn from Sirdar, Crofter. 

BEE’S INC. – Bar Harbor, Maine
gardenMore neatly stacked yarn filled two rooms of this converted Victorian house than I could imagine. Again I was loathe to choose but decided on two skeins of her sale self striping sock yarn; Viking from Norway. The lucious mulberry hues are already being knitted up into socks. I also found some needle tip holders in the large notions section. One of the rooms boasts Penny Candy and was crowded with young shoppers. It’s a sweet deal at Bees’s. 

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goat signInside this chic yarn shop are wonders in yarn the likes I have never seen. There was yarn everywhere and so beautifully displayed that I felt as if I was in a fashion designer shop. Yarn, along with descriptions, sample projects and extremely knowledgeable sales people filled this busy place. They had one person dedicated just to baby yarns and projects. There was a massive notions section and tons of books. How I was ever going to decide was the thing. Finally I chose yarn for a small sweater in cobalt blue flecked with purple, soft as eiderdown to the touch. It wasn’t easy. Seriously I wanted to move in. There were so many hand painted yarns I lost count of types. The yarn was not inexpensive in this posh little coastal town but at a place like this you just don’t count.

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